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Sustainability is a huge design opportunity for creatives like me.

I studied Industrial Design in the UK and came to the realization making stuff caused a lot of problems. A career in design meant I would spend my life potentially designing landfill, made by exploited communities, unwittingly causing a ton of environmental collateral damage along the way. It wasn't all bad news though - designers can disrupt those systems. Terms like 'Cradle to Cradle', 'Social Enterprise', 'The Triple Bottom Line' were all emerging beacons of hope I could work towards.


Since then I've moved to the US, married a Californian, who gave us a son, and my commitment to figuring out this 'Sustainability'  thing has only intensified. I'm obsessed with new ideas, new approaches, strategies, business models, and technology. My curiosity has led to roles in creative project management, marketing, graphic design, web development, video production, product design, e-commerce, communications and more. But I'm happiest when I get to keep my head up and look at the whole picture - develop the brand.


Brands inspire, change minds. They're agile but their own, broad community of suppliers, employees, customers, and followers. They can be a solution for major environmental and social issues just by creating sustainable products people love.


My mission is clear, I want to design solutions to help solve huge problems. If you're on the same page and could use someone like me,
get in touch.




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