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PECT CONSULTANCY LTD is an environmental consultancy serving Peterborough (U.K.) with a diverse set of services. I was first hired under a short-term contract to project manage the development of a green energy comparison website,

By the time the site had launched, I had made myself useful designing campaigns for environmental NGO's, businesses, and the local council. The heavy workload allowed me to create a design consultancy branch of the business which was profitable by the end of it's second year.


In the U.K. there are over 10 electricity providers offering renewable power options for customers around the county interested in going 'green'. Funding was raised by the NGO, Peterborough Environment City Trust to build a website under the domain to make switching easy for consumers. I was hired to project manage the design, launch and success, of the website. 

I worked with a local web design firm on a shoestring budget to put together Our goal was to make the experience bright, rewarding, and incredibly easy to use. Navigation was kept simple, content was focused on the financial and environmental benefits of switching, only a zipcode was required to get an instant quote.


The site drove 1,000's of household utility switches and led to further funding for PECT and the website. 


In 2009 Peterborough Environment City Trust wanted to launch a campaign to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags in the city. I designed the 'Get A Green Grip' concept where we had the slogan printed on 1,000 tote bags and distributed them during Peterborough's annual Green Festival. PECT set up a customization station where children and adults alike could make their bag, their own.


The campaign was so successful that more bags were ordered by community groups including retirement homes and local schools. 


After the success of the 'Get a Green Grip' campaign, I was asked by internal project teams to redesign or rebrand their projects. From there, my reputation outside PECT grew to the point I was able to launch a profit-for-purpose business unit offering brand, graphic design, and web design services.​

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