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SUSTAINABLE BRANDS brings together global leaders in Marketing, Design, Sustainability, and Business to collaborate on making our economy ecologically and socially sustainable. 


I started as a Design Manager, overseeing digital advertising, web development, print and digital collateral for conferences. I took on new projects whenever possible and was eventually promoted to be responsible for the digital business unit of the company.


In 2013 I took responsibility for the digital business unit of Sustainable Brands. published 5-6 articles per day, sent over 200K emails per week (via Marketo), published monthly research reports and sponsored webinars. I oversaw the editorial team, budget and performance tracking, led sales initiatives, curated webinars, web design and development, as well as client management for all sponsored content and advertising. 


The annual Sustainable Brands conference brings F500 companies and the elite creatives together to share learning. But often the best ideas come from the industry newcomers. I wanted to bring the startups with the biggest ideas into the conversation to inspire the established brands and hopefully catalyze their success. 

Over 3 years I grew the scale of the competition, bringing in more applicants every year, taking the event to Europe, South America, and growing sponsorship revenue 10x to make the SBIO one of the leading revenue sources for the conferences. 


I was the in-house designer for 4 Sustainable Brands conferences. Each conference had a theme designed by a creative agency that I spread throughout the various mediums. Signage, digital ads, slides, stage, SWAG, event guides, apps and more. I had to be flexible and work fast as last-minute speaker changes or sponsors came in. Adobe Creative Suite became a powerful ally.


I founded a Sustainable Design internship program with CCA and SFSU to expose student designers to sustainable design principles. Six students with different Design majors joined the program. I provided lectures, mentorship and a major assignment to design exhibits for the SB flagship conference.