Faraday started as the first bike to ever be funded on Kickstarter back in 2012. They were acquired in 2017 and asked to scale up the team. I joined the team to take ownership of the brand and digital marketing.​


The best medium for advertising a bike is video – it's a product that moves. But video is expensive and time consuming so my strategy was to keep concepts and shoots simple, partner with companies that do video well whenever possible, repeat the shots that work well every shoot.

Civic x Faraday | Feel free

Commute refreshed

Faraday x OneTreePlanted | Regrowing Together

Travel Brighter

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I redesigned Faraday's website to be smarter, faster, SEO friendly, easier to navigate, and ultimately, more profitable.

To save costs I designed the wireframes myself and hired developers to build the website. The website is built on the WooCommerce / Wordpress system. It took 4 months to complete.

May 2018 had the highest traffic numbers on record, July 2018 broke the monthly revenue record by 65%. The SEO strategy led the website to jump multiple pages of search results for key search terms. For example faradaybikes.com moved 40 positions up Google search results to page 1 for the search term "electric bicycles" within 4 months after the relaunch.


Faraday's rivals tend to be very serious, feature-focused, arguably-surly in their messaging. I designed our ads with some humor to set us apart.

A highlight from the 'Pants Optional' campaign was getting a call from a group of friends on a ferry wanting to settle a bet on the pun meaning.


For Faraday, I design ads for different stages of the conversion funnel and experiment heavily with different imagery, copy, CTA's. 


The product is a vehicle so video is undoubtedly the best medium for prospecting potential customers (see examples of video ads above). Retargeting visitors with static studio photography and messaging around key benefits is the next layer. Close detail shots work well for the most engaged prospects.


2018 ad traffic has doubled over the previous year with the same budget. Monthly RoAS has reached as high as 2,000% for campaigns on Facebook and Google Adwords.


Faraday's aesthetic is all about vintage meeting modern. My natural design style is minimalist, with plenty of white space, clean lines, modern lines and iconography so I work in decorative elements where possible and find creative ways to call back to vintage design.


Flick through the slider for examples. I used the classic VW print ad designs as inspiration for a recent Bicycling Magazine ad and I took an old coupon design outline for a discount flyer.