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THREAD takes trash from the poorest communities in the world and turns it into products with a story. My role at THREAD was to tell that story to as many people as possible, most notably through the global Timberland partnership launch in 2016.

I managed the Marketing department, hired a team, led client engagement, oversaw a communications agency, directed a web development firm, social media, digital advertising. 


Timberland's creative agency couldn't get a VISA to shoot in Haiti (one of the countries THREAD source plastic). My team recruited a talented video crew, coordinated the shoot, worked through the edit with Timberland's team.


Annual Impact Reports are a company's chance to share the good they've done for social and environmental causes. They're normally long, esoteric PDF reports. For THREAD, I designed an interactive, shareable, accessible, digital report. 


The report design caught the attention of the Sustainability industry and led to being invited to speak about Visual Storytelling and Design at the Sustainable Brands 2017 conference. 

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I was part of the team at THREAD pitching to F500 companies. I was responsible for designing slides and content for the team. The decks needed to explain Thread's model, the business case, and tell a compelling story to get us to the close.


One of THREAD's keywords was 'Transparency'. I took this and ran with it to design a visual identity for the brand. I've chosen a selection of slides to show how it was deployed in presentations. 


Working at smaller companies means I'm usually responsible for building the things I design. My background Industrial Design has been invaluable for taking 2D to 3D. Click through the gallery to see some of the finished exhibits and behind the scenes of their assembly.